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Wedding Party Accessories

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Wedding Party Accessories

On your wedding day, you won’t be going very far without the support and love of your wedding party. Your girls, your family, your gal pals, your tribe, your parents, whoever they are, we know how important they are to you, especially on your special day! No matter how long ago you met, how or where, your relationship is bound by good memories, happiness and so much love! Youyoubride jewelry collections extends not just your (the bride) and your mother’s look on the day, but offers a glorious range of accessories and jewellery pieces for every single one of your party with pieces to suit every personality, every character and every style.

1. Rhinestone Pearl Flower Hair Band Wedding Bridal Hair Clip 

C181 bride comb

2. Silver Leaf Crystal Flower Bridal Hair Vine Accessories Headband Crown Headpiece 

D2312 Bride headpiece

3. Crystal Bride Hair Clips Vintage Hair Comb Women Wedding Hair Accessories 

J6196 Bride Crystal Hair Clip

4. Elegant Wedding Flower Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set E308

E308 Wedding necklace and earrings Jewelry Set


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