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The Bride's "Garter" Is A Lucky Charm for Unmarried Men

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At the wedding, in addition to the necessary items such as wedding dresses, jewelry, wedding shoes, etc., this sexy garter belt is naturally indispensable on the bride's thigh. It is not used by the bride to flirt, but has its own mission--to bring good luck for unmarried men, you must know that it is no less important than a wedding dress!

Wedding Garters

In the impression of many people, the bridal garter tied to the leg is full of temptation and teasing, making people want to commit a crime at any time.

Remember Angelina Jolie in the movie "Mr Smith & Mrs Smith"? She tied a gun to her thigh with garters. She is a combination of beauty and handsomeness. Which man can ignore it?

But in fact, it is more "serious" than you think. It appears as a traditional part of "garter throwing" in Western weddings. Generally, the groom uses his mouth to remove the garter belt from the bride's leg, and then throw it to the unmarried person on the scene. Men, similar to throwing bouquets, the man who grabs this garter belt is the next groom to get married.

bridal garters at wedding

Because grabbing the garter belt is equivalent to grabbing good luck. Single guys usually scramble, which can push the atmosphere to a small climax.

Speaking of the custom of "throwing garters", it has a history of nearly a hundred years. It first originated in Europe in the 14th century. Men believe that grabbing a piece of the bride’s clothes at a wedding can bring good luck, but this way , The bride will always be violated by the guests, and the wedding dress will be torn apart by the manic men after drinking.

So the brides thought of a way to save themselves and give an item on their clothes as a substitute to the men attending the wedding, probably for convenience. The garter straps tied to their legs became this "Lucky Piece".

There is another saying, said that the garter belt is a symbol of the marriage of the husband and wife. When the bridegroom removes the bride's garter belt, it means that she has lost her virginity. The white cloth (falling red) is regarded as proof.

Nowadays, "throwing garters" can be regarded as an interesting wedding game. Receiving bouquets can make unmarried girls happy, so receiving garters will also give unmarried men a blessing.

The garter belt also symbolizes fertility in the traditional sense, and is endowed with the meaning of perfection, consummation and many children. Some brides wear garters worn by their grandmother or mother, which is also a kind of inheritance.

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The bride usually wears two garters at the wedding, the thinner one will be thrown out on the spot, and the other wider one with a more exquisite design, will be kept for herself as a souvenir.

Nowadays, bridal garters are more diverse in styles. In addition to the basic cotton white garters, there are more choices.

For example, it is mainly lace, embellished with garters made of crystal, organza, pearls, plants, gold silk and silk.

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The design of lace + flowers gives a delicate dream.

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The delicate and feminine garter belt is like a romantic totem on the leg.


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