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Modern Brides Can't Do Without Hair Jewelry Pieces

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You can wear your hair up or down on the big day, but it will only look unique if you finish it with hair jewelry. See how to perfect your bridal hairdo! It's no secret that every bride wants everything to be perfect from head to foot in the long-awaited day. And while it takes plenty of time to get your dress tailored, you can individualize your wedding hairstyle in a couple of minutes. See how to do it right with hair accessories!

You may not buy designer shoes for your long-expected day and not get your dress tailored, but you can’t leave your wedding hairstyle without perfect hair jewelry.

Every bride look needs a tiny detail that will define and accentuate it, and good hair accessories are enough to not only individualize but also finish it stylishly. Here, we’ve collected lots of classic, traditional, and modern ways to accessorize your big-day hairstyle. Let's make it unforgettable!

Headdress Jewelry Crown

G4182 youyou bridal crown

China Hair Accessories Women Princess Crystal Rhinestone Tiaras

G4202 youyou wedding bridal crown

Wedding Accessories Crystal Crown Full Round Bridal Tiaras And Crown 

Even though headdress jewelry can be only met by change on modern weddings, they add an unbelievably unique and creative character to the hairstyles. You can show up with refined and slightly patterned Victorian hair jewelry or become a boho queen and captivate everyone with colorful rhinestones. Just make sure it matches the mood of your ceremony!

Crystal Headband

D2303 youyou bridal crystal headband

Fashion Rhinestone Crystal Wedding Headband Bridal Hair Accessory Headpieces

D2311 youyou bridal crystal headband

Silver Leaves Bridal Flower Hair Vine Handmade Wedding Crown Headpiece 

Headbands are another irreplaceable hair accessories for modern brides! Not only do they give a one of a kind appearance but also help to secure wavy or twisted hair.

Floral Accessories

J6201 youyou brial hair pin

Party Jewelry Hair Accessories Beautiful Bridal Wedding Hair Clips

S8165 youyou bidal floral comb

S8165 Youyou Bridal Floral Comb

Is there anything that can express femininity better than flowers? Whether they’re massive and colorful or tiny and one-toned, they will turn your wedding hairstyle into a piece of art.

Back Headpiece

S8188 youyou wedding bridal comb

Bridal Accessories Jewelry Wedding Crystal Opal Flower Women Hair Combs

J6226 youyou wedding bridal comb

Flower Bead Bridal Headpiece Hair Jewelry Wedding Accessories Fancy Hair Clips

Nothing can compare to a bride hairstyle finished with a delicate back headpiece covering her updo. It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair up or down, a stunning accessory will keep it on point anyway. Besides, you can pick a piece that is of the same pattern as your dress to meke the look authentic.

Down Styles With Feed In Jewelry

C194 youyou wedding bridal down styles with feed in jewelry

Gold Leaf Bridal Hair Accessories Jewelry Hairband Wedding Hair Pin

C181 youyou wedding bridal comb

Rhinestone Pearl Flower Hair Band Wedding Bridal Hair Clip

If you want to wear your hair down, there are two crucial things to keep in mind. First, your dress should come with a V-shaped back to let your amazing hairdo gently fall on it. Second, don’t forget to add more charm to your hair, be it a braid or a pony, as that’s what makes the look complete. Little floral pins, added selectively into the strands, are a gorgeous way to show how feminine you are.

Headpiece Jewelry For Bun Updos

J6240 Youyou wedding bridal clip

Crystal Gold Flower Barrettes Bridal Accessories Floral Wedding Hair Clips

C170 youyou wedding bridal headpiece

Elegant Handmade Leather Leaf Wedding Hairband Headdress Pearl Princess Fancy Hair Pins

Who would've thought that hair accessories could significantly change the way our hairstyles look? With the right set of embellishments, you can create a perfect tandem of your hair and your dress. Keep in mind that the jewelry, as well as the hairstyle itself, should match the style of your wedding, and everything will be simply flawless.


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