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How to Make A Simple Wedding Updo Hairstyle Yourself

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Have you ever thought about DIY your own hairstyle on the wedding day? Wind-up hair is the most common hairstyle in weddings. It is divided into high bun and low bun. You can adjust it according to your veil and wedding gown. If the bride does not have a veil, you can choose a more ornate headdress as a decoration, which is excellent. Now, let's teach you how to make a simple bridal updo.

updo hairstyle 1

Preparation materials: hairband, hair pins, comb, hairspray, curling iron, beautiful hair accessories.

updo hairstyle 2

First, wash your hair first and use a dry shampoo, which is easier to style. Then blow dry your hair, it must be very dry! Grab as much as you can while blowing.

updo hairstyle 3

Then use a curling iron to style your hair. Choose the length of your curls according to the height of your curling hair. The high hair bun curls more, and vice versa. Keep the arc direction as consistent as possible, but don't need to focus too much on the waves, as long as there is an arc, this is to facilitate the shaping. After curling, spray a little styling spray on your hair.

updo hairstyle 4

Divide the hair into three parts, keep the volume of the three parts as consistent as possible, and tie them with a headband. After tying it, grab the top hair a little fluffy and spray it with styling spray.

updo hairstyle 5

You can try to pull down the headband first, and then push it up, so that the fluffy effect is more natural.

updo hairstyle 6

Put the braid in the middle and roll it up in one direction. If you feel that your hair is too straight, you can straighten the braid with your hands and comb it backwards to roughen your hair.

updo hairstyle 7

Use a hairpin to fix the curled hair.

updo hairstyle 8

The other two braids are also rolled in the same direction and sprayed with a setting spray.

updo hairstyle 9

Just pin the decoration you selected before. Or choose more beautiful hairpins from youyoubride.

updo hairstyle 10

For those with less hair, try a braid and divide the hair accessories into three parts.


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