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How to Fix Your Veils

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The veil not only makes the wedding dress look more beautiful and stunning, but also adds a holy and mysterious temperament to the bride, so it is very important to choose a suitable veil and wear it correctly.

How to wear the veil?

1. Use a Hairclip/Hairpin.

This is the most common way of fixing veils. Choose a suitable position to put the veil, and then clip the prepared hairpin into the hair from both ends, which can play a very stable role and is very sturdy.

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2. Use a Crown.

A beautiful pearl crown or a crown decorated with flowers can play a role in fixing the veil. You can choose a crown that is similar to your wedding dress style, and then pin the veil behind this crown. Wearing the crown also plays a fixed role-the two are very suitable.

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3. Use Hair Spray

You can also use hairspray or wax to style your hair. A proper hairstyle also plays a key role in the stability of the veil.

Where to Wear the Veil?

1. Golden Position

The most suitable position is to wear the veil under your ponytail. This is the golden position, which can keep the veil at the most suitable angle, making the bride look more upright and elegant, and it is not easy to cover the bride's face , So it is a perfect location.

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2. The top of the bride's head

Another wearing position is the front of the head, which allows the veil to hang down slightly, thus covering the fat on both sides of the cheeks, visually looking smaller, and making the bride's facial features look more three-dimensional. More suitable for brides who wear their hair at the wedding!


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3. Back of the bride's head

Wearing in this position can make the bride look more elegant and charming, can highlight the noble temperament of the bride, but it is not recommended for relatively petite brides to choose this, it will reduce the height of the bride.

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