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How To Choose The Bridal Headdress

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How To Choose The Bridal Headdress

The bride is undoubtedly the focus of the wedding, so we must take seriously about the bride's style. Here is not only the wedding dress and bridal styling, but also one that can also add a lot of points to the wedding, that is, the bride's headdress. So how to choose bridal headdress? Let's take a look at those headdresses that can create romantic and dreamy bride hairstyles.

1. Choose according to hairstyle

The headdress must be perfectly matched with the hair styling to show the best condition of the bride. If your hairstyle is a natural and romantic big wave, then it can be combined with gorgeous diamond ornaments to form a flower headband, which can add a bit of a charming charm to the bride. If your hairstyle is short hair, then it is recommended to choose a short veil style, the looming white yarn shows a different kind of hazy beauty. If your hair style is loose and curly hair, you can choose S-shaped floral ornaments, which can show the bride's soft temperament.

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2.Choose according to type

There are many types of bridal headdresses, including headbands, crowns, hats, Bohemian foreheads, and hairpins, so the range of choices is relatively wide. Brides can choose according to their favorite headdress types. The headband is suitable for all hairstyles. The bride with long and short hair will have a different feeling when wearing it, so that everyone can see the happy smile on your face. Crown ornaments are more suitable for brides with shoulders or long hair. They can be worn on the top of the head or the back of the head. They can be fixed with the veil to add luster to you. The hat is more suitable for short-haired brides. It is recommended to choose a tube-shaped female hat or an exaggerated wide-brimmed hat, which is very temperamental. Persian forehead ornaments are currently the most popular headwear. They are exquisitely made and have a variety of styles. Both long and short hair can be worn, regardless of hairstyle. Hairclips are the most low-key among headdresses. Although hairclips may seem very popular, it is also a good choice to wear a suitable hairclip at the wedding.

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3. Choose according to style

Headdresses can be described in a variety of styles. Veil is also one of the headdresses. Brides can choose according to the style. The general styles are covered, shoulder, elbow, waterfall, and finger length. , Traction style, Spanish shawl style. Masking is a short veil, usually fixed on a longer veil or a hat. The shoulder-shoulder style is a long, shoulder-shouldered double veil. The elbow type is 60 cm long and the veil is as long as the elbow. The waterfall type is a tulle that cascades down from the top of the head like a small waterfall, usually fixed with a satin turban. The finger length is a multi-layer veil, which is long and fingertip. The ground type is directly to the ankle, usually a simple multi-layer model. The Spanish shawl is a Spanish-style lace veil. It does not have a headdress and directly covers the head. It outlines the face with a beautiful lace edge. So many styles depend on which one the bride likes. You can also choose the most suitable bridal headdress according to the details of the wedding dress and the style of the wedding dress.

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4. Choose according to makeup

Makeup is also one of the factors for choosing a bride's headdress. Makeup and hairstyle are inseparable, and naturally have a close relationship with the headdress. If your makeup is a classic type, then it is recommended to choose a light and soft three-dimensional flower headpiece, which can create an elegant beauty. If your makeup is a fresh and retro type, you can choose a short veil headdress, giving a looming modern retro feeling.

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5. Choose according to wedding style

Whether it is the choice of the bride's makeup or the bride's wedding dress, it is determined according to the overall style of the wedding. Naturally, the bride's headdress is no exception. Be sure to choose a headdress matching the wedding theme style. If the wedding is the theme of old Shanghai , Then it is recommended that the bride choose a retro modern short veil. If the wedding is a modern and fashionable theme, then you can choose fashionable and elegant shoulder-style or floor-style headdress.

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