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How Bride Choose And Match The Crown

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The bridal crown is dazzling and is an indispensable accessory in the wedding. Choose a suitable bridal crown to make you a noble and elegant princess on the wedding day!

1. The Crown of Classical Design

What kind of bride is suitable: a girl with an introverted personality, a gentle look, and a small size is more suitable for choosing a crown with a classic design. This type of crown itself is more subtle, and will not grab the limelight of elegant and elegant brides.

2020 Fashion Bride Alloy Star Tiara Crystal Bride Handmade Rhinestones Crown G4208 (3)

2020 Fashion Bride Alloy Star Tiara Crystal Bride Handmade Rhinestones Crown

Essential design elements for the crown: This type of crown attaches great importance to the use of pearls. The pearl itself is relatively restrained and soft, so this type of crown also inherits this temperament. In addition, the width of the crown is also relatively narrow. In general, the exaggerated "mountain" design is not used in the appearance, but the soft ring that does not highlight the central design is mainly used.

With what kind of wedding dress: In order to continue the overall elegance of the classic, the wedding dress is best not to choose a long tail style. Wedding dresses with fine embroidery and small areas of pearl decoration can be considered. The fabric of the wedding dress can choose satin, which echoes the pearl's light.

2. Design a Grand Crown

What kind of bride is suitable: If you like to advertise your personality, you have always been a "strong woman" who admires and admires me; if your temperament is very atmospheric and outgoing and cheerful; if you want to become the absolute visual focus of the wedding, then design The grand crown is perfect for you. Of course, you need to be very tall and not too thin.

Silver Rhinestone Star Celestial Wedding Crown Earrings Set G4214 (3)

Gorgeous Silver Rhinestone Star Celestial Inspired Bridal Headpiece Jewelry Set Wedding Crown Earrings

The essential design element of the crown: the grand wedding crown is very present. To achieve this kind of presence, first of all, it is required that the choice of gems and diamonds should not be too fine-grained-the design of the atmosphere cannot be separated from large-grain gems . In addition, the central symmetrical design can ensure the stability of this type of crown. A width of more than 7 cm is also necessary.

What kind of wedding dress to match: Of course, such a grand crown should be matched with a sufficiently luxurious wedding dress, and absolutely abandon the simple design of the wedding dress. Large skirts and long tails are essential, otherwise it is easy to give top-heavy impressions.

3. The Gorgeous Crown

What kind of bride is suitable: brides with small size, introverted personality, beautiful appearance and thin body are not suitable for gorgeous crowns, only those women with rich body, full of femininity, and charming and temperament can be so gorgeous The crowns of each other echo each other.

Handmade Whit Ceramic Flower Headpiece Jewelry Wedding Bridal Crystal Tiara Crown G4211 (3)

Handmade Whit Ceramic Flower Headpiece Jewelry Wedding Bridal Crystal Tiara Crown 

The essential design elements of the crown: the gorgeous crown is mainly made of bright diamonds in the material, and the gorgeous atmosphere is rendered with countless bright diamonds. The shape is usually dominated by a "mountain" shape that protrudes from the center, with a width of not less than 3 cm.


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