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Five Popular Elements of Bridal Headdress

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Wearing a white wedding dress, every bride is a princess, and beautiful princesses certainly have beautiful headdresses. The headdress is the finishing touch in the overall shape of the wedding dress. It looks like a little decoration, but it can make the bride look extraordinarily noble and elegant, and enhance the bride's overall delicate and moving temperament. In China, not many headdresses are used, but why don't the bride experience the princess feeling and let herself be beautiful again.

Veil Style

The bride stepped into the church, and the long veil on her head represented the advent of happiness, and at the same time gave a noble and gorgeous feeling. The veil styles are as large as three types. You can simply put the veil on the head, or use the headdress to match, so that the effect is more ideal. The wedding dress style best matched with the veil is a tube top wedding dress.


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Pearl Style

Pearl Style Bridal Headdress Comments: Pearls symbolize happiness and happiness. The use of pearls as a headdress not only reflects the elegant style, but also makes the bride look very dignified and elegant, but not gorgeous, elegant and elegant. Whether it is with a wedding dress or cheongsam, pure and elegant pearl headdress will make the bride look more charming and moving. Generally speaking, pearl hair accessories are more suitable for satin and chiffon wedding dresses.

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Crown Style

Crown Style Bridal Headdress Comments: The crown is a symbol of nobility and elegance in the minds of women. Its styles can be divided into three types: classical, grand, and gorgeous. Brides should choose the appropriate crown according to their own characteristics. The classical type is suitable for introverts. , A petite bride, grand and heavy is suitable for brides with "strong woman" temperament, gorgeous type is suitable for brides full of femininity and femininity.

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Flower Style

Outdoor weddings, garden weddings, villa weddings, seaside weddings .... increasingly favored by newcomers, in line with the environment, you can create a beautiful bride wandering in nature, flowers become an indispensable wedding material. Using flowers to create a unique hairstyle is even more fashionable. No matter you have long hair, curly hair, or even short hair, you can let your hair get in touch with nature. Flowers can set off a woman's coquettishness and sweetness, but if you choose flowers that are too complex and too thick, it is likely to make you look old-fashioned.

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Hat Style

If you are a prospective bride who pursues personality, the shape of the small hat is a good choice, cool and pretty, showing personality and fashion on the top of the head, with other accessories such as crystal, pearls and feathers. At the same time, there is no femininity.


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