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Chandelier Earrings to Match Your Bridal Headpieces

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I think chandelier earrings is a great way to indulge your inner fashionista and elevate your look, whether you wear them alone or with one of my coordinating hairvines, hairpins, combs or crowns. We've created matching gift sets of hair accessories and earrings that work together beautifully.

You can add the earrings to your look during the day or save them for later to quickly and easily update your look for the night.

Rhinestone Floral Chandelier Earrings


Flowers Hairband Pendant Earring Tiaras Gold Handmade Floral Bridal Headpiece Set


White Ceramics Flower Headwear Bridal Wedding Hair Comb Earring Set


Romantic White Lace Flower Earrings Long White Flower Decorated Wedding Veils

White Lace Flower Earrings Light Gold Copper Wire Veils L721 H5106 (5)

Bride Tiara Original Design Handmade Gold Rhinestone Hair Clips Earring Set

J6244 Bridal Chandelie Earrings


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