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Be The Perfect Bride, Start With Jewelry

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Every bride who is about to enter the marriage hall will want to be the absolute protagonist on the stage and shine the audience. If you want to be a perfect bride, it is not enough to have a wedding dress that matches your temperament. You also need jewelry to add a finishing touch. Jewelry does not need to be too gorgeous and cumbersome, but be sure to wear one or two pieces to decorate your white wedding dress.

Headdresses are generally the first choice for brides to decorate themselves, because in this unique festival, everyone wants to be the eternal little princess in the eyes of the groom, and a certain crown or a chic hairpin can help you create the most Fresh princess temperament.

Custom Bridal Wedding Women Crystal Crown And Earrings Jewelry Set G4216 (5)

Gorgeous Crystal Crown

The choice of headwear is usually more diverse. The most popular style now is the hair band. A golden hair band with a retro palace flavor is not refined and high-key.

High Quality Gold Tone Leaves Peal Wedding Headband Headpiece And Earrings Jewelry Sets G4218 (5)

Gold Retro Headband

At wedding the most popular jewelry must be earrings. Many brides would rather be “bare” to set off blingbling diamond ring rather than give up a pair of beautiful earrings.

In the choice of earrings, the bride does not like too fancy style, simple diamond models and classic pearl series are more popular choices.

The biggest benefit of choosing a pair of non-exaggerated earrings is that they can continue to be worn after marriage!

Silver Rhinestone Star Celestial Wedding Crown Earrings Set G4214 (8)

Shinning Stars Dangling Earrings

Unexpectedly, the most common necklace in weekday collocation is not that the bride will wear wedding jewelry, even if wearing a tube top wedding dress. More brides are willing to choose a bracelet or bracelet to decorate.

Compared to earrings, the bracelet looks more dignified and calm.

Handmade KC Gold Rhinestone Flower Leaves Wedding Bridal Hair Comb S8272 (8)

Gold Flower Leaves Bracelet


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