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A Guide of Veil Style & Length

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The veil is usually made of tulle and organza. It may be decorated with lace, inlaid with crystals, or trimmed with satin. Many weddings now use bridal veil to cover the face, and then the groom will give the bride a kiss after lifting the veil.

Generally veil has the following styles:

  1. Face covering type: This is a short veil that covers your face when walking down the walkway, and can be lifted back when the groom kisses the bride. Generally fixed on a longer veil or a hat.

  2. Elbow type: 60 cm, long to the elbow.

  3. Flyaway style: Long to the shoulder and split double veil.

  4. Fingertip length: Multi-layer veil, long and fingertips. This may be a popular veil length.

  5. Waterfall style: This model was all the rage in the 1960s and returned to popularity in the 1990s. Tulle drains from the top of the head like a small waterfall, usually fixed with a satin turban. The bride can choose a double tulle with high and low staggers, which makes the veil more three-dimensional and more stylish.

  6. Spanish shawl style: This is a Spanish lace veil. It does not have a headdress and directly covers the head. It outlines the face with a beautiful lace edge.

  7. Chapel: Floor-length, straight to the ankle, usually a simple multi-layer model. The gorgeous styling is impressive, and it also allows the bride to add a layer of skirt.


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