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A Glossary of Wedding Hair Accessories

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After you've finalized your wedding attire, it's time to think about how you're going to style your makeup and hair on the big day. You might already have an idea of the hairstyle you want,  and for many brides, that means shopping for wedding hair accessories! Whether you think you want a classic updo with a veil, a simple 'do pinned to the side with a sparkly barrette, or a trendy bridal hat, we're here to explain all the options you have when it comes to wedding hair accessories—and sharing stylish options for each type of accessory.

Hair Combs

If you thought combs were solely reserved for detangling your hair, think again. They also happen to be one of the most popular wedding hair accessories, but on a much smaller scale than an actual comb— instead, these hair accessories use a comb-like feature to grip onto your tresses, whether tucked into an updo, paired with a veil, or loosely holding back part of your hair. Most hair combs are decorated with rhinestones or crystals, making them a favorite for brides who want to achieve a glam look. For a more romantic vibe, choose a hair comb that is decorated with hand-molded flowers, pearl beads, or lace embellishments. 


Headbands are back and better than ever, and they're quickly becoming one of our favorite wedding hair accessories of the moment. Brides are rocking headbands of all sizes and styles, from beaded halos to thick padded headbands (we love a good throwback) and turban-inspired designs. The best part? This is a throw-on-and-go accessory, which means you'll spend minimal time in your wedding hairstylist's chair on the big day, unless you're pairing the headband with an elaborate updo or need your hairstylist to use pins to keep the headband in place.

Barrettes & Clips

Barrettes come in practically every shape, size, and color you can think of, which makes it easy to find pieces that complement your bridal style. They're also extremely versatile, since you can wear barrettes as-is with your hair down or use them to add extra flair to an updo. Sophisticated crystal barrettes, oversized floral clips, and "fancy" bobby pins are just a few of the options you have—for the latest take on bridal barrettes, part your hair in the center and use a barrette to pin back each side. 

1. Handmade Rhinestone Anise Star Sparkled Designer Tiara Bridal Crystal Hair Clip

2. Korean Style New Design Fashion Pearl Diamond Hair Clips For Woman

Hair Chains, Crowns, & Tiaras

Dying to turn heads with your bridal look? Wedding hair accessories like chains, crowns, and tiaras are your best bet. Hair chains are worn in one of two ways: draped over your entire scalp with the chain going down your center part and across your forehead, or pinned to the back of your hair. If you prefer a look that's less bohemian and more regal, you can wear a tiara for the ultimate wedding day statement (seriously, when else in life can you do this?). Finally, we have bridal crowns—everything from oversized flower crowns to dainty halo-esque styles—which give you the best of both. If you're planning to rock a flower crown, we recommend placing it higher up on your hairline and tucking the ends under your hair for the most flattering, seamless look. 

1. Sliver Wedding Hair Accessories Pendant Fancy Girls Europe Style Headpiece

2. Elegant Handmade Wedding Crystal Crown Jewelry Headdress Bridal Tiara For Women

3. Handmade Long Hair Floral Vine Bridal Decorative Head Chain


Veils are no doubt the most classic option among wedding hair accessories. Length is a big decision for many brides when choosing their veil, and the decision should ultimately reflect where you're getting married, the type of dress you're wearing, and how you are styling your hair. A floor-length cathedral veil is the most traditional and also the most dramatic type. Mid-length and shoulder-length veils will give you the most freedom when moving around, since you won't have to carry the veil with you. Blusher and birdcage veils, which only cover your face, are the shortest veil options and instantly create a retro vibe.

Once you've decided on veil length, the choices don't end there—you'll also need to consider the veil's embellishments, which can include everything from lace appliqués and beading to pearls, embroidery, and even ombré color effects. If your veil is relatively simple, you can pair it with another wedding hair accessory, such as a comb or tiara.

1. Handmade Black Lace Drop Long Bridal Veil Crystal Vine Headdress White Bridal Veils

2. Classic Bachelorette Party Two Layer Western Style Wedding Short Veil

3. Bachelorette Hen Party Two-Layer Bridal Wedding Veil With Comb


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