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2020 Attractive Wedding Veil Styles for Brides

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Wearing a veil is a custom that goes back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed a wedding veil protected the bride from evil spirits. Another old-school use of the veil: revealing the bride's face to her groom, who in the case of some arranged marriages had likely never seen her before. It has also helped with one of our favorite superstitions, in which the groom must not see the bride before the wedding day. Of course, today the white wedding veil has become a symbol of the bride's style, usually making a classic, traditional statement.

As below we are presenting for you various types of wedding veil styles that you can wear the day of your wedding.

1. Bachelorette Hen Party Two-Layer Bridal Wedding Veil With Comb


2. Women Various Style 4m Two-Layers Soft Wedding Veils With Comb 

V3005 veil

3. Classic Bachelorette Party Two Layer Western Style Wedding Short Veil 

V2015 wedding veil

4. New Come Wedding Accessories Premium Hair Accessories Wedding Veil 

L711 wedding veil

5. High Quality Wedding Accessories Shining Stars 1.5M White Bride Veils



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